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We’ve created some self-paced courses available for immediate purchase and access.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch. We also create Bespoke Training Courses for you and your people.

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We provide live courses at your premises or via Zoom/Teams. Each session is tailored to your unique organisation.  From understanding the fundamentals of growing a business, learning how to improve your processes and systems to showcasing your brand and telling your story. Check out our courses:

● How to Become a CRM Champion (Train the Trainer)
● Improve the Efficiency of your Business
● Business Development with CRM
● The Fundamentals of CRM
● How to Get Started with Social Media
● Digital Marketing & Storytelling
● Business Efficiency through LEAN (collaboration with ETAC Solutions)

Improve the Efficiency of your Business

This half-day training session (up to 5 in attendance) on How to Create & Improve your company’s systems and processes focuses on the fundamentals of making your whole business more efficient.

Without strong internal business structures and integrated systems, you stunt the growth and profitability of your Business 

At the end of the session, you will understand how you can improve the efficiency of your business so it can GROW. You will take away at least three key points to put into action immediately.

This can be conducted on-site* or via on-line training. 

*Travel costs may apply if outside, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and South East Ireland


€1,168.50 (incl VAT)

Business Development with CRM

This half-day training session (max 5 in attendance) is a dive into understanding what CRM is & how it WILL improve your business.

Many businesses hear about CRM, have been told they should have one to develop their business, but they’re not sure why … this class will convince you!

At the end of the session, you will understand what CRM is as a tool and how it will improve EVERY part of your business, particularly in the area of looking after your clients and therefore growing your sales.  You will also learn how to assess what CRM best suits the way you do business.

This can be conducted on-site* or via online training. 

*Travel costs may apply if outside, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and South East Ireland.


€1,168.50 (incl VAT)

How to get started with Social Media

This 6 hour bespoke training workshop walks you through the basics of setting up social media channels (FB, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn), how to create great-looking profiles, how to use social planners to minimise on time and maximise on dynamic posts. Handy tips and tools will be provided along the way.  

You will complete the workshop with the skills required to set up great-looking social media accounts, create professional-looking posts and know how to plan and schedule posts so that you can stick to your posting goals. 

This can be conducted on-site* or via online training. 

*Travel costs may apply if outside, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and South East Ireland.


€1,476.00 (incl VAT)

Digital Marketing & Storytelling

This 6-hour Training Workshop (maximum 6 people) is for anyone who has created social media accounts and understands the basics of setting up profiles and how to post.

These workshops will be adapted for your individual requirements per person or per organisation.

(Please note additions to the workshop can be requested)

The objective is to build a strong understanding of What Digital Marketing is, Why it’s important, Which platforms to use and How to become a good Digital Marketer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strong understanding of what Digital Marketing is in all its formats and How to successfully use Digital Marketing to Grow your Business
  • Increase in-house Marketing skills
  • Create accountable and responsible Digital Marketers

This course can be conducted on-site or via online training. 

*Travel costs may apply if outside, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and South East Ireland.


€1,353.00 (incl VAT)

Business Efficiency through Lean (via ETAC Solutions)

This in-depth one-day simulation course, created and conducted by our partners Etac Solutions (maximum 16 participants) provides a unique, thorough and enjoyable way to learn Lean through action. 

Many organisations have stated it is the best, interactive and fun course they have ever attended. 

Create team spirit and learn the core skills and techniques needs to improve your business processes.  This course delivers a true understanding of what Lean is all about.

The CRM Champion Workshop

This workshop is adapted to the CRM your organisation uses; this is not a step by step ‘how to use’ your specific CRM package

Workshop Description

This one-day workshop will be specifically created for your individual Organisations Management, Training them to coach their teams and departments in the diligent use of CRM, ie: Coach the Coach (please note additions to the workshop can be requested).

The objective is to create CRM ‘champions’ who believe in consistent best practice to coach their teams/groups.  The workshop will focus on:

  1. How to become a CRM Champion and how to engage and coach their team to use CRM diligently –the Ethos of CRM
  2. The Role of the Coach – taking responsibility for understanding – accountability
  3. Understanding the Learning Styles of the team so CRM coaches can implement best practice through ‘belief’ that CRM will make everyone’s working lives better, easier and more productive
  4. Practical Application of Outcomes, Recap and Conclusion

Learning Outcomes

  • CRM Champions will be created – CRM will be nurtured by all Coaches and Teams thus Expanding Customer Base and Increase Sales 
  • Increase Efficiency and Internal Communication through consistent best practice between Departments and Teams
  • Create CRM accountability and responsibility 

*Travel costs may apply if outside, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and South East Ireland.

On-demand Training Courses

We also offer on-demand training courses which are immediately accessible, self-paced and ideal for clients who don’t need training tailored to their unique needs.

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