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If your business had a brain
- CRM is it

Natalie of ncco is passionate about CRM and believes no business should be without one.

CRM stands for Customer (Client) Relationship Management. There are many CRM definitions out there.

Many experts today feel CRM does not really provide a clear explanation of all it can be used for, and so you may also see it referred to as XRM – Xtended (Everything/Anything) Relationship Management.

our definition of CRM is this:

If your business had a brain – CRM is it! It should be the control centre or hub of all your business activity.

CRM (XRM) systems are like an interactive database – compiling information on your clients, stakeholders, staff, stakeholders and vendors (following strict GDPR guidelines). This includes the traditional “contact details”, but also so much more… tasks, reminders, opportunities, forecasts and integrations with your website, phone, emails & calendars, live chat, marketing materials, social media, project management, HR, accounts and ordering. It provides purchase history, sophisticated analytics & reports, buying preferences and concerns. And more… so much more.

Essentially CRM is a single source for all Business Relationship Management.

● Independent CRM Advice – Our independence is key. With no allegiance to any particular system, and real-life experience using many of the available platforms right now, our focus is on choosing a platform that’s right for your business. Don’t lock yourself into a system before researching what suits your business now and as you grow.
● CRM Assessment – we support you in assessing and building a ‘business as a whole’ CRM requirement spec.
● Project management – we’re here to ensure your CRM implementation stays on time, on target and on budget.
Training – suitable for your unique requirements – custom and bespoke.
CRM Champion Training – built for managers & supervisors (Train the Trainer) – custom and bespoke.

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If not check out our CRM Fundamental 10 minute video here.

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