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Your business began with a great idea – with passion, care, hard work, drive and creativity – but often, due to demanding workloads (because your business is a great one), many owners are ‘reacting’ to their business rather than driving and improving it. 

Here is where we come in. We can help you to identify the sore points of the business as a whole and, from there, work to improve or create processes that grow with your business, seamlessly. Putting you back in control of your business, rather than it controlling you,  and propelling your business and equity to even greater achievements and success.

Digital Transformation, Business Process Optimisation, Development & CRM, consultancy, advisory and mentoring along with Sales and Marketing support and training, are all part of the portfolio of services we offer.

We work with you to increase returns by using dynamic, LEAN and sustainable forward planning systems and solutions. Controlling your business and it NOT controlling you is key. A high performance culture will happen once structures and processes are in place.

We got in touch with Natalie at ncco as PlantQuest was moving into the next phase of our business journey. She guided us in choosing and implementing the right ERP system and worked hand in hand with us as we kickstarted our sales & marketing roadmap. We’re very glad to have been able to leverage Natalie’s expertise right from the beginning so that our systems and processes are optimised from the get-go and can readily adapt as we continue to grow.

Headshot of Ger Carton, CEO - PlantQuest

Ger Carton
CEO, PlantQuest

Natalie assisted us with defining our back office processes and gave us a framework to implement improvements.
Our CRM, transactional communications, invoicing, payment collection, office email, support desk and ticketing systems all communicate with each other over API’s. We’re very happy with the level of automation and integration now. This allows us more time to focus on customer care and business development.

Thanks, Natalie.

We use the team at ncco to support us with our Digital Marketing requirements. Unitec have expanded at such a rapid rate that we needed assistance in updating our website and social channels with up to date news for our clients. The team have been a great resource for us over the last several months and I would highly recommend their suite of services to any growing business.

ncco has helped us implement processes including integrated CRM, Project Management, Accounts, Social planning & Marketing tools and systems into our organisation. Natalie heads up our business development and customer relationship management for O’Connell Ivory. With her keen eye on the bottom line, she helps us make sure our clients get the most out of their training or consultancy. We love working along with Natalie and team and truly value her support and structured expertise.

We didn’t know what we didn’t know about getting our business in the best shape possible and covering all our angles. Natalie was a dream to work with – identifying the areas we needed to improve and working with us with practical, no-nonsense advice, and (key point here) dedicated support in actually implementing those improvements including helping us to select and project manage the implementation of a complete ERP system. We’ve seen real, tangible results from our work with Natalie and we only wish we’d called her sooner!

ncco has helped me get my business off the ground and I cannot speak highly enough of their support, patience and advice. Any business owner will tell you how stressful it can be in the initial stages of setting up, but they provided me with a clear action plan. They also helped me lay the groundwork for growth in my business including implementing a full and affordable ERP, CRM and Communications platform that has been indispensable for me and the team. We work with the public and it can be quite document-heavy – having our integrated system is time-saving and keeps us super organised. Working with ncco has helped me establish a successful, growing business that will help us reap rewards for years to come. ncco is THE business consultancy you need on board.


Stephanie Wickham
Director, Expat Taxes

We asked Natalie of ncco to perform a complete business health check on the company – we were growing rapidly and just needed a little direction regarding how we could improve our structures and processes to make our growing burst as seamless and pain free as possible. She assessed each department by working along with the teams, she even went out on the road with our Sales Manager and then provided us with fantastic feedback on our company, including a step by step report of suggestions to help each area of the business improve its performance and work together collectively. Natalie is a hands-on, honest, personable and no-nonsense consultant and mentor, 100% recommended!

Damien Martin
Managing Director, Assure Services

ncco has provided us with a fantastic service which has included: full content writing for our new website and complete project management of the website including working with us, the web designer, web developer and animator, it was a huge task and she kept everybody on their toes and working hard for us, always maintaining her professionalism with great humour. She also provided business optimisation services including implementing a new CRM system for us which integrates with our website. We have a number of other projects we are currently working on with her, including e-commerce development to link with our ERP system and Digital Marketing and Sales support. We would highly recommend ncco

Dan Buckley
Managing Director,

Hosting Ireland’s presence at events and shows is taken very seriously and as such we’ve used Natalie and her team to organise and manage all aspects of our event program through 2017. Our brand positioning and customer engagement is very important and Natalie ensures that a consistent high standard is achieved for both our visual exhibition stand, and customer interaction. NC Consulting delivers great value!

Jonathan Bate
Managing Director, Hosting Ireland

Natalie is an incredible dynamic individual that puts everything into her various roles while working with us. She was a key member of our Team and Grew Sales year on Year. She also project managed our CRM changeover and championed this throughout her time with us.

Nigel Pim
Managing Director, Pims Business Systems

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