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ncco is a Digital Transformation, Process Improvement and Business Development Agency with a specialisation in independent CRM consultancy. We serve entrepreneurs, micro-businesses, SMEs, all the way up to national and global corporate entities across every sector – including finance, pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing, food & drink, health & wellness, professional services and publishing – by providing focused, no-nonsense, practical advice and hands-on support for systems and solutions that actually speak to each other.

ncco About Us

the problems we solve


If any of these statements resonate with you, we’d love to hear from you.

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If one side of your business doesn’t know what the other side is doing

If your current systems and processes are preventing you from scaling

If you need to create or improve your business processes

If colleagues tell you that you need CRM but you don’t know where to start

If your business is siloed

If you need sales strategies and support

If your marketing could do with a boost

If you’ve heard a lot about Digital Transformation but just don’t know what that really means

If you want to align your Business systems and processes with Design thinking and Brand strategy.

If you want to re-brand or re-design your organisation or website

If you want to trade on line and integrate with your inventory/finance system

If you want to create remote teams with strong internal communications

If you know your company needs to embrace Digitisation and Automation

where we started

With 20+ years of experience in business, Natalie’s passion for process improvement, CRM, and business development & optimisation led to her abandoning the 9-5 in 2016 and founding Natalie Cooke Consulting now known as ncco (NC Consulting & Co). We’ve been helping businesses grow ever since – using dynamic, LEAN and sustainable forward planning systems and solutions. Natalie’s belief that organisations must be viewed as a whole and to avoid the dreaded “silo-effect” is behind everything we do. Check out our list of services to see all the ways in which we can assist your organisation’s growth, from the inside out.

Photo of Natalie Garland-Cooke, ncco founder, laughing and looking to the side

“my clients are core to me…

…and my team and I choose to work with organisations who have a strong positive culture, with leaders who support and encourage their teams. This is so important when CRM/XRM or ERP needs to be improved or implemented and will work only when positive leadership exists. Clients know that they always receive unbiased advice and support from me.”

Natalie Garland-Cooke – Founder of ncco

meet the team

headshot of Natalie Cooke, founder of ncco

Natalie Garland-Cooke – Founder

Before founding her own agency, Natalie worked with companies such as a multiple-award-winning scientific solutions provider in both Ireland and the UK, and with one of Ireland’s leading Sage Business Partners. (where her love of CRM/ERP began)

With 20+ years of experience in business, she has led sales, marketing, admin and accounts teams, has been responsible for CRM and driving business development, and has, herself, been an award-winning sales manager.

As a consultant, mentor and trainer, Natalie’s passion for process improvement, CRM, ERP, business development & optimisation was the driving force behind her establishing her own agency, where she continues to effect positive change for every business she works with.

She now holds the Business All Star Award & Accreditation as a Thought Leader in Process Optimisation and her company has won several prestigious awards since its formation.

Nicola Devereux – Hands-On-Support

With 15+ years of experience working with companies and individuals, ranging from manufacturing to therapists, facilities management to photographers, Nicola’s passion is for making life more organised and streamlined.

This, combined with her natural interest in all things science and tech is a natural fit for making the lives of our clients easier as she heads up our Customer Service, Web Development, Brand and Digital Marketing support teams.

Headshot of Nicola Devereux
Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh – CRM & SEO Specialist

Sean has 15+ years of experience in different technical roles across different industries. He’s worked for both LinkedIn and Hubspot where he found a passion for online marketing and CRM.

You could say he’s a nerd at heart but has a passion for working with people as well.

It’s at this crossroads that Sean excels. He wants to make your life easier using technology. His work at ncco involves CRM deployment and integration. He’s a dab hand at helping people find your website too.

Sean has won many awards throughout his career. He was one of Hubspots’ employees of the year and was also included in sales club hitting 175% of his sales numbers.

Vinnie Lynch – Sales Strategist

Vinnie has worked as a sales and business growth professional for 25 years and is one of Ireland’s finest sales strategists.

Working with a broad range of organisations – from startups to international enterprises such as The Kerry Group and Lloyd’s of London, Vinnie’s primary focus is on Sales Strategy, Planning and Execution. Specialising in Sales Science, Sales Process Design, Distribution & Partner Channels, Integrated Sales & Marketing Design, Sales Resourcing, Development and International Scaling.

ncco only partners with the best!

Headshot of ncco Sales Strategist, Vinnie Lynch

happy clients...

ncco has helped me get my new business off the ground and I cannot speak highly enough of their help, patience and advice. Any new business owner will tell you how stressful it can be in the initial stages of setting up but they provided me with a clear action plan. They also helped me lay the ground work for growth in my business and this was fantastic because ultimately the work they did will help me reap rewards for years to come. ncco is THE business consultancy you need on-board.

Headshot of Stephanie Wickham, Expat Taxes

Stephanie Wickham
Director, Expat Taxes


In addition to our Core Team, we have developed powerful and strategic partnerships allowing us to leverage even more expertise on behalf of ncco clients.

Each expert is top in their field, authentic, award-winning and, most importantly, love what they do.

From deep-dive Sales, Marketing and SEO, to Talent Management, LEAN and Software gurus, when you work with us,
we can truly deliver the full range of services you need to grow your business.

We work with one of Ireland’s top Design teams, specialising in brand strategy, brand creation and design across print and digital platforms.

If you’re ready to take control of your business, rather than having it control you, we can’t wait to talk to you.

Get in touch today for a no-pressure chat about where you’re at, and where you could be!

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