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How CRM will Improve your Business’ Bottom Line – Part 2

How can a CRM system improve your business and help you grow?

In Part 1 of this series, which you can check out here (it’s a good one!), we discussed what CRM is and how it improves your business’ bottom line. We covered the importance of adopting CRM as a core business ethos, believing that it will improve every aspect of your business. We also introduced the idea of having a CRM Champion in your business to take ownership of the system and processes. We reviewed several of the CRM platforms available and went through the steps to choose the right CRM for your business.

Following on from Part 1, we’re honing in on an area we discussed previously but need to go deeper with: How to ensure you and your team remain ‘authentic’ in dealing with your customers, both new and recurring.  

We will discuss how becoming authentic using CRM will

  1. Help you to become customer-centric
  2. Guarantee increased sales

Sell more 👉🏼 grow more

Building your customer relationships 

A well rounded, efficiently used CRM helps you to understand what each customer requires from you thus creating and maintaining a strong personal bond and a loyal relationship with them. The better you serve them, the more your business will grow.

It will help you understand how you fit into their world, and not vice versa.

Think – when your customers are dealing with you, what is their experience like?  Understanding their needs, being well informed when dealing with them, not floundering to know who they are, what they are, and what have they purchased from you in the past – all these things build loyalty.

When you can recognise & identify your customers’ & prospects’ requirements, it forges a strong bond of loyalty between you.

And if they have provided permissions (GDPR compliance is essential) to capture specific details about them – it really can add that Personal Touch that’s so important in customer retention.  It makes you Authentic to them!  I read recently in a great blog about Authenticity in Selling ‘that In today’s selling environment, authenticity is the most important virtue salespeople can demonstrate.’* I’ve always believed this to be true. Through many years of experience, I have learned that being transparent to my customers is vital. In the early days of finding my sales feet, I learned how not to sell – that was usually when I pretended I knew too much about a product or copied a script.  I soon found out that being honest about what I did and didn’t know was crucial in gaining my prospective clients’ respect and once this was embedded into my core work ethics – being authentic was just second nature.  Using a good CRM helped me to deliver a great service to my prospects and clients and thus aided me in always being authentic to them.

A good CRM  provides vital information about your business 

And we haven’t even mentioned the stats/data that will come from a hard-working CRM – all at the click of a mouse.  Understand essential metrics to run and grow all departments, all teams in your organisation such as:

  • Pipelines and Forecasts – Sale actuals and predictions
  • Vital marketing metrics – learn what’s working and receive powerful data on what campaigns to concentrate on, for example
  • Support & Customer Care feedback – what are the recurring issues if any etc
  • Keep track of all potentials’ & customers’ history including emails – qualitative and quantitative data

A CRM tool improves your internal communications, too 

A good CRM helps you with internal communications also, which affects how we take care of our customers.  If one of our colleagues has been dealing with a customer account and has called in sick or is on leave, long term or short term – we can pick up where they have left off in dealing with the client… no stumbling, proving we are professional and we truly do care about them (we’ll discuss this in more detail in our next post).


So, essentially a good CRM will make you stand out from the crowd – it will help you to be Authentic to your customer base. And a loyal customer base is a happy customer base – a happy customer base will buy from you, and a happy customer will tell others about you, leading to increased sales and as promised in this blog’s title… growing your bottom line.


We’ve discussed how to ensure you and your team remain ‘authentic’ in dealing with your customers, both new and recurring. A good hard working CRM:

  • Helps you to become customer-centric
  • Sell more, grow more
  • Analysing the needs and behaviours of customers
  • Improves sales and marketing
  • Predict future business needs

And just in case you have forgotten… Be Authentic – you’re not just another business, you are unique and your CRM helps you to provide the best customer service out there in the market.  Guaranteed to Increase your Bottom Line.

If you would like support or advice in choosing the correct CRM for your organisation please contact me here to organise a free 30-minute consultation.

What’s next

Stay tuned for the next instalment in this series on CRM where we’ll chat more about how CRM creates stronger internal communication and relationships helping employees to look out for each other, pick up from and cover one another. We will also look at how CRM can build better relationships with your Suppliers, Communities and Shareholders.


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*That blog I mentioned on Authentic Selling can be found here – it’s a good read.

Natalie Garland-Cooke is a Business Consultant, Trainer and Mentor and independent CRM expert. Her company Natalie Cooke Consulting ( works with many businesses, both large and small, to create and improve business processes and drive business growth.

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