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Photo of hands holding a tablet with ncco's intro video playing

An intro to what we do at ncco (plus some bloopers!)

We had some fun putting this video together to tell you about what we do over here at ncco (NC Consulting & Co). 📽

We are an award winning Business Development (Sales & Marketing), CRM, Digital Transformation and Process Improvement Consultancy.  We are passionate about growing your business, whether that’s training your staff in the fundamentals of sales, establishing a strong marketing framework, optimising your technology (including CRM) to work within the structure and processes of your organisation and well… much more!  We explain it all here – Check it out! 👇👇

Improving your business processes? ✅
Flawlessly recording intro videos? ❌

Check out this small selection of our bloopers from shoot-day for our intro video!

We hope they make you giggle as much as we did!

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