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Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring An Independent CRM Consultant

4 Benefits Of Hiring An Independent CRM Consultant

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a great addition to your business. Among many other things, it allows you to track all communications and nurture relationships with customers and leads – which is essential to growing your business. 

But as good as streamlining your sales process and keeping track of all your customers in one software sounds, selecting, implementing, and maintaining a CRM system can be challenging. Especially when trying to go it alone!

If you already have a CRM platform and want to get more out of it, or you’re looking to implement one for the first time, a CRM consultant will help you get the most out of your system.

In fact, when you hire a CRM consultant, you’ll have someone to do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you. You’ll have someone on hand to support the training of your employees, and the customising of your system to suit your business’s needs. 

And when you choose an independent CRM consultant, you’ll always be guaranteed an unbiased opinion about your CRM software and what’s the best option for your unique needs.

In this blog, we’ll look at the four biggest benefits of hiring an independent CRM consultant for your Irish business. 

Ready? Let’s dive in! Here are the 4 biggest benefits of hiring an independent CRM consultant.

Why hire an independent CRM consultant?

1. They aren’t tied to any specific CRM software provider

An independent CRM consultant has no ties to any specific CRM software provider. 

This means you can rest assured you’re always getting unbiased advice from your independent consultant.

Your consultant will be focused on finding the best solution for your business rather than their ties to a specific CRM software provider. 

An independent CRM consultant will be familiar with a range of products and can help you pick the best one for your business needs.

The best part: you’ll never have to question if you’re being advised on a specific CRM software because it’s right for you or because the adviser wants you to buy their software or services. No affiliations means no kickbacks!

When your independent consultation doesn’t have an allegiance to certain tools or providers, your CRM system will also easily align with other digital transformation processes.

An independent CRM consultant is experienced in implementing CRM to integrate with various software, and across multiple industries and processes

2. They have a wide range of experience working with CRM technology 

Another major benefit of hiring an independent CRM consultant is their vast expertise in the CRM industry. 

Independent CRM consultants have experience working with various software, industries and processes rather than specialising in just one. This gives them valuable and varied insights.

An independent consultant can help you make an informed decision about the CRM technology that best suits your organisation’s needs. 

They understand that every Irish business and CRM software are different. 

Your independent consultant can also use their experience to help adapt and optimise your CRM to suit your business objectives.

It’s not just when choosing and implementing new CRM technology that this valuable experience comes in handy, either. 

If you already have an underperforming system, your independent consultant will be able to identify the issues and make the appropriate adjustments. 

Independent consultants can also use their varied knowledge to offer other business development services such as: 

3. They’re strategic in their choice of software

Independent CRM consultants tend to be more strategic in their choice of technology.

This means they carefully consider various CRM technologies before advising you on the right one for your business. 

As they’re not tied to any particular technology, an independent consultant will typically keep an eye on all providers’ latest customer relations technology.

At the same time, independent consultants tend to monitor industry trends and view key players more objectively. 

If certain CRM software providers are underperforming or not introducing valuable updates that other providers are, your consultant will steer you away from these products.

When choosing your CRM, an independent consultant will ensure it’s the right one for your business’s needs and that you’re not paying for features you don’t need.

An independent consultant will also ensure the technology can easily be integrated with your existing system, and build automated processes so that you get the most out of the platform.

An independent CRM consultant holds the client as their priority, not the specific software

4. They take a client-centric approach

As we know, an independent CRM consultant has no connections or commitments to any particular CRM platform. 

This means, as their client, you are your CRM consultant’s one and only priority. 

From researching the best CRM solutions to customer care, independent CRM consultants work from the ground up with your business.

Rather than trying to make your business fit a specific CRM system, an independent consultant optimises the system to suit you.

If something isn’t working, your consultant won’t be afraid to change and reformulate their approach.

If you want to scale your business at a later stage, the same CRM consultant can revisit the needs of your business. They’ll advise you on what changes to make to your CRM software to suit your business’s new objectives.

Key takeaway

There’s no doubt that hiring a CRM consultant will help you make the most out of your CRM investment and ensure a smooth implementation process.

From having no allegiance to any particular CRM provider to possessing a vast range of knowledge on various software and processes – there’re many great benefits of hiring an independent consultant. 

With an independent consultant, you can look forward to having an expertly optimised system that delivers fast, effective results for your company. 

Find your independent CRM consultant at ncco

At ncco, we offer a fully independent CRM consultancy service for Irish businesses, with no allegiance to any particular system on the market. 

With real-life experience using many available CRM platforms across multiple industries and organisation sizes, we focus on choosing the right platform for your business. 

We believe no company should commit itself to a system before researching what suits its objectives best and what will help it grow moving forward.

With dedicated project management, we’re here to ensure your CRM implementation stays on time, on target, and budget.

Reach out to us today to get started.

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